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                                                                     COMPANY OVERVIEW

DDC Global is an international business consulting company located in Los Angeles, California that, beside individual relationship work, provides transformational communication programs for organizations to increase productivity and profitability.  This is accomplished through Dynamic Team Development ("DTD"), a comprehensive two-day program designed to improve integrity and enhance profitability by fundamentally transforming the culture of communication within a company.

DDC Global programs provide effective communications tools in rapidly expanding companies and those looking for such expansion; in cross-cultural settings where unrecognized bias or prejudice negatively impact the realization of goals; in newly-formed organizations seeking cohesion; and in any company seeking to reshape its corporate culture and elevate employee empowerment and commitment.

The core program, the Dynamic Team Development course, is designed to immediately impact internal communications, and actively engage all of the participants in the organization's success.  Subsequent consultations offer ongoing support and effective follow-up strategies for projects identified within the course itself.

DDC Global client base represents a diverse cross-section of the business community, including one of the nation's largest HMO's, a fast-growing Latin-market television station and various small to mid-size corporations.  Additional services have been provided to numerous medical associations and non-profit organizations in Eastern Europe, including the Center for the Care of the Elderly in Cluj, Romania, and the Independent Small Business Association in Belgrade, Serbia.


DDC Global program is designed to reshape a company's infrastructure by developing strong communication skills among individuals, departments and the organization as a whole, resulting in increased employee teamwork, efficiency and company profitability.  The following principles form the basis of DDC Global philosophy:

•	Organizational cultures shape the reality within which people work.
•	The perception people have of their organization or workplace strongly impacts their level of commitment.
•	Company commitment is developed through personal empowerment and team building.
•	The most effective way to maximize performance is to create a corporate culture that inspires commitment, and then provide the training, skills and resources to fulfill that commitment.
•	The level of communication necessary to achieve employee commitment is very distinct from normal or ordinary conversation.
•	All employees need to embrace a company's objectives and strategies in order to form a cohesive     team working for a common goal.
•	Effective speaking and listening are essential to a cooperative environment.
The development of a previously perceived difficult project is key to inspiring a new level of communication and commitment within an organization.
Transforming the context from which the people in an organization operate is the key to cultural organizational transformation.


DDC Global offers clients a multi-level approach to developing effective communication skills within the organization.  This customized approach utilizes the following format:

•	Needs analysis.
•	Strategy sessions with key stakeholders to create or re-define relevant missions, objectives, strategies and actions.
•	A comprehensive two-day session to create sustainable team-building and leadership skills.
•	Identification and development of specific projects that will produce the measurable objectives previously identified.
•	Follow-up sessions designed to empower strengths and resolve weaknesses arising from the newly created communications level.


Increased profitability and growth are perhaps the most common goals of every business owner and executive.  Unfortunately, seemingly unrelated concerns such as employee retention, inter-departmental strife and low company morale can have a dire impact on a company's profitability and productivity level.  In many instances, these concerns are related to, and a direct consequence of, a day-to-day communications breakdown within the company itself.  DDC Global provides the tools necessary to alter the corporate climate, develop strong collaborations between individual employees and departments, and pave the way for overall increased productivity and profitability.  This is accomplished through Dynamic Team Development , a comprehensive two-day program designed to enhance profitability by transforming the culture of communication within a company.

Throughout the Dynamic Team Development program, participants will:

•	Examine the barriers to communication and teamwork and learn how to overcome them.
•	Discover the relationship between communication and performance and how communication breakdowns directly impact the company’s productivity and its profitability level.
•	Develop a great sense of ownership and identify ways in which individuals benefit personally from their commitment to the company's accomplishments.
•	Begin to build the trust necessary to form strong inter-departmental collaborations.
•	Heighten each individual's potential and create a natural willingness to contribute to the company's success.
•	Distinguish what leadership means and how to inspire it at every level.
•	Create a large project consistent with the vision of the organization, which can be realized only by a team effort.

The Dynamic Team Development program is conducted over two consecutive days with follow-up consulting for the duration of the project.  The follow-up sessions provide a forum for resolving any issues that have arisen as strategies learned in the course are put into practical application.  


"The ratings on our newscasts are up and our stories are looking better.  Your course on Dynamic Team Development has enlightened my team and given them a new sense of direction….  Thanks to your seminar, the team is now stronger than ever.  You have not only improved our communication system, but you have also given me a better model for leadership.

	Juan Carlos Aviles, News Director
	KVEA Telemundo 52
	Los Angeles, California

"The biggest  'thing' to come out of the class is the new working culture that has developed.   We are no longer 'back-biting' and finding some to blame when something doesn't go right.  There has developed new era of leadership.  People manage themselves and their projects at a new level.  They now take responsibility for what occurs.  They are 'in charge' of what occurs, rather than the other way around.  There is a new effort to be pro-active…"
	Glynn Harris, President
	ADAIR Engineering, Inc.
	Bakersfield, California

The material in the course is providing to be extremely useful in helping the company create a genuinely positive place to work so that we may give our best to our clients.  It's great to see my staff get involved and aligned in their commitment to the goal we have established for ourselves.  Thank you again for an enlightened and inspiring weekend.
	Jim Rodgers, President
	ColorTek Labs
	Los Angeles, California

 Dynamic Team Development is not at all what I expected.  The course is at once simple and elegant, filled with common sense wisdom and insights that get you back in touch with the stuff you forgot along the way to success:  your vision to make a difference in the world….  It was remarkable for me to step out of my shoes for a short time and see that I didn't want to step back into those shoes again.
	Michael Sotak
	Additional Medicine Unit, Department Administrator
	Los Angeles, California

The Dynamic Team Development course provided a better understanding between us (the members of the association), and a more powerful commitment for each other so that we reached our goals together as a team.  In fact, it paved the road to the realization of our vision . . .  We have created a team which we never thought was possible and which has given us, without a doubt, the fulfillment of our vision.  The course provided a huge contribution to the development of our independent small business association in Belgrade at this critical time in our society.
	Sava Petrovic
	General Association of Independent Small Business Owners
	Belgrade, Serbia

Before your course, most of our goals were merely good ideas with little or no plan for their accomplishment.  At the government level, my ideas were met with a great deal of skepticism and doubt …  Your training took these good ideas and put them on a very clear road map for bringing them into reality.  Now the National Ministry of Education has fully accredited our private institution as the premier model for Romania, and we are discussing plans for opening a national training center.
	Simona Baciu
	Fundatia Copii Fericiti
	Cluj-Napoca, RomaniaOrganizational_Work_files/DDC%20Broshure%20in%20English%20.doc

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